STA’-PUT has developed a reputation of being the surfacing adhesive that offers the best performance and value for laminate, solid surface, natural stone (granite) and enginnere. Over the years, STA’-PUT has evolved along with the industry to consistently deliver high bond strength, quick cure time and smooth, even application.

STA’-PUT contact adhesives perform even on the most demanding applications, including tight radius work. Our STA’-PUT line includes adhesive products that meet stringent new environmental and safety regulations.

There's a STA’-PUT product that is just right for your application:


P9000's        For solid surface, engineered, and natural stone.
CLIP & ROD  For under mount sink clips, dishwasher clips, and rod reinforcement of natural stone.  


Aerosol & Canister Adhesive Spray Systems

2001M           Solvent-Based, HAPS Free Canister Adhesive
S200             Premium Contact Adhesive
SP123           High Temperature Contact Adhesive
SP2               Expanded Polystyrene Adhesive
SP4H             MeCl-Free High Temperature/High Strength Adhesive
SP80             Low VOC, High Strength Adhesive
BIG STICKY   Multi Purpose Adhesive 
SPH               High Temperature/High Strength Adhesive
SPHS             Non-Flammable, Low VOC, High Temperature/High Strength Adhesive
SPM               Multi Purpose Pressure Sensitive Spray Adhesive


building envelope Adhesive

Quick Grip      Solvent-based formulated to adhere, draingage composites, insulation, and waterproofing membranes to a variety of substrates.


Non-Flammable Solvent-Based Contact Adhesives

1535             Specially formulated to bond urethane foam to wood or fabrics.         
S100             Premium Brush or Roll Grade N/F Adhesive
S120             Premium N/F Contact Adhesive
S170/S171   High Solids N/F Contact Adhesive
SPH               Non-Flammable Spray Grade Adhesive


Flammable Solvent-Based Contact Adhesives

105               HAPS-free adhesive specifically formulated for the marine, furniture, and upholstery industries.
2153             Solvent-based contact adhesiv
773-40          Premium grade specifically formulated for industrial spray
S140             Premium E/F Brush or Roll Grade Contact Adhesive
S145             Premium 20 Degree Brush or Roll Grade Contact Adhesive
S150/S151   High Performance Postformable E/F Contact Adhesive
S155/S156   Fast Dry E/F Contact Adhesive



SPR                Aerosol adhesive spray remover
S203              All purpose cleaner & adhesive remover


water-based contact adhesives

Z100              Solvent free post formable contact adhesive  
ITW TACC Adhesives deliver superior performance. CONBOND, FOAMSEAL, Mason Bond, MIRACLE, STA'-PUT, TACC, TOP GRIP, TURF GRIP, Z